Environmental Education

Environmental education - children learning in an outdoors setting

Looking to learn birdsong ID? Why not take a look at our online courses here: Shop Resources.

Rediscover Nature can also provide bespoke workshops, and environmental education within Oxfordshire for individuals and groups of all ages. Take a look below for some sample packages, or contact me to tailor an experience to suit you.


This generation of children needs to be more aware of nature than ever before if they are to face the challenge of our changing world head on.

I can offer bespoke educational experiences to help foster a sense of enthusiasm and custodianship of the natural world in children of a variety of ages. These experiences can help children:

  • gain the ability to identify common species of animals and plants
  • understand the importance of conserving key habitats that support this wildlife
  • provide an introduction to essential ecology skills and experience first-hand what a career in this sector might involve.

Contact me to tailor your experience and discuss how I can help your school or home-educating group!


In today’s stressful digital world, immersion in nature can provide much needed breathing space, an opportunity to practice mindfulness and a chance to learn new skills and knowledge.

I can provide bespoke environmental education for individuals or groups of adults who would like to reconnect with nature and learn a little more about the habitats and species around us in Oxfordshire.

Contact me to tailor your experience and discuss how I can support you to discover your local wildlife.

Sample package: short guided nature walkSample package: hands-on wildlife workshop
Duration: 1 hour
Location: school grounds or suitable countryside location in Oxfordshire
Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: school grounds or suitable countryside location in Oxfordshire
A short gentle walk for up to 12 attendees*.A half-day of ecology based activities.
Our experienced ecologist will lead you on a journey of discovery; using all your senses to learn more about nature.

Take a look at the countryside from the viewpoint of an ecologist as your guide provides hints and tips to help identify the wildlife you see.
Supervised by an experienced ecologist, up to 12 attendees* can try their hand at seasonal activities such as:

– using quadrats and identifying plants,
– investigating the impact human activities have on habitats,
– surveying for reptiles,
– identifying birdsong.
Cost: £50 + travel costsCost: £185 + travel costs + any venue hire

*N.B. Children must be accompanied by their teachers / carers.