‘Birdsong in Brief’ Bundle


A series of short click-through online courses designed to teach you the basis of birdsong identification.

This bundle includes 30 common farmland, woodland and garden birds in the UK.



Are you interested in learning birdsong, but don’t really know where to start?

Do you find trying to learn via birdsong apps just doesn’t provide you with the context and corroboration that you need?

Then this bundle, which includes all three of our interactive online courses at a discounted price, might just be for you!

Included in this bundle are:

Learn Ten Farmland Bird Songs

Learn Ten Woodland Bird Songs

Learn Ten Garden Bird Songs

Each course focuses on the songs of common birds you might find in the UK. They take you on a step-by-step learning journey, which you can follow at your own pace and repeat at your leisure. Each course begins with an introduction to identifying birds using visual characteristics. Then listen to audio of each bird and read hints and tips to help you learn along the way.

Aimed at keen amateurs or early-career ecologists, these courses supplement beginners’ field-trips, providing an opportunity to practice in the comfort of their own home.

The author (Oxfordshire ecologist Katherine Holmes) has drawn upon her personal experience of learning birdsong and carrying out bird surveys.

Keep an eye on Events or check out this link for opportunities to learn in-person with Katherine. Alternatively, contact us to arrange a bespoke opportunity.

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