Free Ecology Resources

Free ecology resources - learning birdsong. Image of birds perched on a wire.

Are you keen to learn to identify birdsong but don’t know where to start? These free ecology resources are a great first stepping stone on your journey!

Since Rediscover Nature was founded, several of my clients have brought up a desire to learn more about the birds they can hear in their garden or on their walks.

I also recall previous colleagues hovering at my desk trying to describe the sound an illusive bird was making during an ecological survey that they simply couldn’t spot to ID.

Taking that first step to begin learning which bird species makes which songs and calls can feel incredibly daunting (I certainly remember feeling that way when I began my career!).

So…I have created two free ecology resources – a downloadable PDF: ‘Demystifying Birdsong ID: 3 easy species to start with’, and a YouTube playlist ‘The Birdsong Collective’, which I hope will help kick-start your learning journey!

I can also offer bespoke one-to-one or group training on birdsong – just get in touch!