This generation of children needs to be more aware of nature than ever before if they are to face the challenge of our changing world head on.

I can offer bespoke educational experiences to help foster a sense of enthusiasm and custodianship of the natural world in children of a variety of ages. These experiences can help children:

  • gain the ability to identify common species of animals and plants
  • understand the importance of conserving key habitats that support this wildlife
  • provide an introduction to essential ecology skills and experience first-hand what a career in this sector might involve.

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In today’s stressful digital world, immersion in nature can provide much needed breathing space, an opportunity to practice mindfulness and a chance to learn new skills and knowledge.

I can provide bespoke educational experiences for individuals or groups of adults who would like to reconnect with nature and learn a little more about the habitats and species around us in Oxfordshire.

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